Notable Clients:

What is a Creative Professional?

I am an artist and illustrator. A designer of graphics. A photographer and videographer, and have worked with many talented people, for many years. I call myself a creative professional because I have so many skills that overlap all aspects of creative design and production.

Commercial Artist

I began working as a commercial artist in the mid-1970’s, and so have been in the profession for some 45 years. I pride myself on being able to adapt to my clients needs and I have learned to be very flexible in regard to “style”. However, if you are looking for a style ā€” I’m sure I can replicate it ā€” just show me an example. In my opinion, this is the essence of being a “commercial” artist. I have no limits creating art for you. I was technically trained in commercial art at the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, and later studied Fine Art and Film at Colorado University in Boulder.

Designing for the World Wide Web

I have over 30 years of experience working in web design. Yes, that means I was designing websites in the very first couple of years that the internet became public. I worked with HTML sites when they were simple. Over the years I have designed many HTML 4 sites, and now HTML 5. I have also worked with Custom CSS integrated into those sites. In recent years Content Management software like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have come along, and I have designed and managed quite a few sites using those CMS tools. In other words ā€¦ I have kept up with the trends in website design and content management software. Iā€™m confident that I can help you in that area no matter what your needs are.

Production Skill Level and Art Direction

I have spent many years working as a freelance designer and have much experience managing every aspect of projects for my clients. In 1995-2006 I worked in the offices of Climbing Magazine in Carbondale Colorado. During those 10 years I held 4 positions. A year as a Production Management Assistant, 1 year as Production Manager, several years as Web Designer and Webmaster, and 8 years as Art Director.

After leaving Climbing I took a position as a designer at the Design Studio in Basalt Colorado. I worked in-house for 4 years, 2 of which I was the Lead Designer. I continue to work with Design Studio since moving from Colorado-to-California in 2010, and maintain close relationships with clients in Colorado.

Photography and Video Production

Since moving to Yosemite National Park area in 2010, I have been studying photography and video. I’ve worked here as a location scout and video producer. If you need something in this realm, please contact me personally.

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