I have been a commercial artist for over 40 years. In the early 90’s I began using art programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Fractal Design Painter (now Corel Painter). I primarily work in those 3 programs today, some 25 years later, on a Mac Pro and using a Wacom 24 HD Cintiq.

I have always been able to draw and paint anything, in a variety of styles (I never had much interest in getting locked into an artistic “style”). However, my background and knowledge of climbing and climbing skills opened doors as an illustrator of that sport. I have been involved in creating technical illustrations for the climbing industry and publishing for over 34 years.

As a lover of outdoor sports, I’ve also enjoyed illustrating ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, fly fishing, canyoneering and backpacking. I’ve also had the opportunity to write my own books and illustrate them.

• Technical Illustration
• Editorial Illustration
• Book Cover Design
• Book Design, Production and Art Direction
• Poster Design
• Collateral Design
• Logo Design
• Web UI Design

Notable Clients
• Rock & Ice Magazine
• Climbing Magazine
• Mountain Mend / Bolder Designs
• Lowe Alpine Systems / Lowe Pro
• National Outdoor Leadership Schools (NOLS)
• Stackpole Books
• Facts on File
• ICS Books, Inc.
• Globe Pequot Press
• American Alpine Club Publications
• A5 Adventures (later A5 The North Face)
• Shook Book Publishing
• Mountaineers Books
• Imlay Canyoneering
• Eldorado State Park, CO

And numerous Advertising clients doing art and design.

Please take a look at a limited number of samples I have provided on my website.




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