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Snow in El Portal … finally!

It made me happy to see snow outside my window this morning. We have occasionally gotten snow here in El Portal over the years — now going on 9 years living in Yosemite — but it is still a rare and joyous occasion. We are a little ahead of our normal water levels here in Merced County for 2019, however, we still have a couple months of rainy season ahead and need every drop of water we can get. Yay snow!

Technical Illustration Samples

Hey! Here’s a post with some examples of my black and white technical climbing illustrations. Over many years, these are examples of the kinds of illustrations that are my bread & butter. As a long time rock climber, mountaineer and ice climber, I got my start in this niche sport. I’m proud to call climbers my family and friends.

All images © John J McMullen 2019. Some images may be copyright by the companies I did the contract work for such as Climbing Magazine, and Mountaineers Books. Warning: Do not reproduce or copy these images without my consent or the consent of the owners of those copyrights. Do not use, copy and share without permission.


Behance Portfolio

I keep a small portfolio of work on Behance, Adobe’s portfolio website. You can view my work on that site by clicking this link.

Website is back!

Things got pretty hectic this past summer when the California fires were raging. I had a lapse of attention maintaining the website and so it’s been down for quite awhile. Sorry about that!

So, with a little tweaking and some ftp work I’ve fixed a few things that were slowing me down. The website is back up and running, and now I’ve got some work ahead of me updating things and doing a site refresh.

Check back when you can. I’ll be posting some new artwork and doing other updates! Cheers!